Paper ECG

Published September 1, 2020 Updated April 23, 2021

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The Paper ECG application’s interface

The Paper ECG application enables cardiology professionals to convert digital scans or images of ECG print outs to digital signal data, and is the first free and open source application to provide such functionality. Users annotate the image with rectangular regions to mark where each signal is located and specify the scale information and the application handles the rest of the process to create accurate digital signals. The digitization processes rely on implementations of published, peer-reviewed ECG signal digitization algorithms. The source code is available and contributions are welcome. The results of validating the digitization process on images with ground-truth labels will be published, and the application will be available on PhysioNet.

I created the initial panel layout, built a wrapper library based on PyQt to allow programming interfaces via a declarative syntax, and implemented the image processing algorithms. My collaborators on this project are Natalie Coppa, another student at Oregon State University, and Dr. Larisa Tereshchenko, a researcher at Oregon Health and Sciences University.